All About Getting an Italian Citizenship (FREE ADVICE)

Be Part of Your History and Become an Italian Citizen

Italy is part of the European Union, and since their establishment, all citizens of all member countries are automatically citizens of the European Union (EU). The EU citizenship offers many supplementary rights to the national citizenships including the right to free movement, study, settlement, travel, and employment across the union member borders. This makes Italian citizenship that much desirable.

Full Benefits of Italian Citizenship

As Italian citizens, you get full access to the whole continent of Europe. There are no residency restrictions, allowing you to travel anywhere you want to go. You have access to all 27 EU countries without the need of a Visa.  And this includes for employment in the EU. Italian citizens are very attractive to companies in the EU and it’s easy to transfer between companies or even start your own company or business. The EU has the policy to offer professional opportunities first to EU citizens. They also have financial investment services that work with EU citizens.

You also get access to all the medical benefits that Italy provides including free universal healthcare and all educational benefits including free higher education.

This is the time to apply for an Italian Citizenship!

How to Become an Italian Citizen

Italian citizenship

There are several ways to become an Italian citizen. Here are the basic ones:

Italian Bloodline or Jure Sanguinis (blood right)

If a person is born from an Italian father or mother who is also an Italian citizen, then they have the right to apply for Italian citizenship. This came about from the 1948 law – an Italian Supreme Court ruling that allowed an Italian mother to transfer Italian citizenship directly to their child. Because of this law, any child born to an Italian mother before 1948 can also now apply for citizenship.

Italian via Marriage

One may obtain an Italian Citizenship by marrying an Italian Citizen. There are no barriers to getting the citizenship via marriage unless the individual has a serious criminal record or is a threat to the national security of the country (i.e. terrorism). The application to the citizenship is a sub-set of a marriage license in Italy and comes with a period of met requirements including living in the same household for 2 years. But there is no language requirement to obtain this citizenship.

Resident Non-Citizen

If you been residing in Italy for longer than 10 years but are not an EU nor an Italian citizen then you can apply for both after 4 years. As a foreign born resident, you will then apply for the citizenship and go thru all the necessary paperwork.

Obtaining Dual Citizenship

If you are a citizen of another country like the USA but want dual Italian citizenship then we have a whole section that explains that specific circumstance. Click here to go to our dual Italian citizenship page. Since 1992 Italy has allowed dual citizenship with the United States and does not require any individuals to renounce another citizenship to achieve dual Italian citizenship.

Gaining Your Italian Passport

Once you achieve an Italian Citizenship then you can apply for your Italian passport. And as an Italian passport holder, you will receive all the benefits of Italian citizenship including traveling, working, learning, and more in the country of Italy or the rest of the European Union. And this will minus all the bureaucratic red tape that comes if you’re not a citizen of the EU or Italy.

To start obtaining your Italian citizenship or if you have questions, we are happy to help you. We offer free advice and consultation on your needs. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you immediately.



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